Saturday, 30 July 2011

I've been to the theatre and having admired the pieces in the foyer am feeling all inspired again.  It's a pity that I have an essay to write and a serious amount of marking to do!  However, that doesn't mean I can't share a couple of pieces I really like that I painted a couple of months ago.

I am toying with this habit of touching in highlights with red paint.  It just seems to make the picture snap.  Snap, by the way, is my latest arty word that I try and fit into every conversation I have with students about art.  It just makes the conversation snap!

A4 Oil on canvas paper SOLD

So this one was painted for my hubby.  It's oil on paper (about an inch smaller than A4 - I should really measure it but I can't be bothered right now!).  

And then I thought I would dabble with a pretty lady but no red highlights.
A4 Oil on canvas paper SOLD

Friday, 29 July 2011

This piece was inspired by a method I read about where light and dark were initially laid in with warm and cool colours.  Then the picture was built up from there with the finishing detail being completed with the pallet knife.  

I base coated the paper with acrylic paint and then used the pallet knife to place the rose. It was exciting and fun to see paint move and mix in ways I hadn't experienced before.
I normally paint with acrylic but have discovered how much I love oil.  We seem to suit each other! 

Inspired by Tibor Nagy

Shell is my mild-mannered name when I am an ordinary couch potato.  I magically transform into Beaminator as I juggle kids, hubby, teaching and creating art. I have transferred my fb addiction to this new forum of blogging - another excellent procrastination tool!  So while I wait to take Twin 1 to youth group (having already taken Twin 2 to a birthday party) I should be marking student's work.  Instead I am playing here, wondering whether this really is a good idea.  

But still, what a great place to exhibit and view shared artwork!