Saturday, 22 October 2011

Having fun with watercolour

It has been a lovely day stretching paper and myself!    The following pictures are on  cold press watercolour paper, size - about A3

I painted this and was disappointed with my first effort.  Then I remembered seeing a piece that had been masked into stripes and decided to give it a go.  I painted a blue wash and added darker toned details to create contrast with the initial picture.  I am really pleased with the results!

Again, aiming to experiment, I played with suggestion and a contrasting colour scheme. 
 Oh, and had fun flicking paint around!

This is what I learned today:  

Don't be afraid to be wrong. 
No one engages with perfection 
but everyone understands mistakes.

1 comment:

  1. Shelly-

    You continue to amaze me. Well done. Beautiful job. I am amazed by your artistic eye, and was shouting your praises all over Canada. I even used you as an example in a job interview. ~'My artistic friend Shelly has challenged me to...'

    Keep using your gifts and your sensitive heart to share God's nature, his beauty and his love for us. I love the new creative streak that is sneaking out. Open wide the doors and let the flood gates out. I want to see artistic spillage.

    I think of you everyday with your stunning paintings on our main wall, and your other two sneaking up and surprising me in other rooms. I want coffee with you Ms. Artiste. When can I book in with you???

    Hugs to you. This is just to say- go, go, go. Let nothing hold you back. You are gifted. Keep listening to the still small voice that is guiding you. ~R