Sunday, 20 November 2011

I had to pray this one in!  It is a commissioned piece and time for framing is running out.  Thankfully three weeks should be enough.

Eagle over Feathertop 28"x16" Watercolour

Sometimes pinning a piece down can be really difficult.  Acrylic, oil or watercolour?  I'm not particularly brilliant at one over the others, and I like all three.  I had imagined this in watercolour but then I had a friend critique a similar watercolour I had done.  It knocked my confidence even though it improved my skill.

Eagle over Feathertop refers to the Australian Wedgetail Eagle that is flying over my favourite mountain in Victoria, Mt Feathertop.  It has been commissioned as a gift for someone who also loves this part of the world.  


  1. was this a photo originally or just by itself?

  2. It was a photo that Dad took but without the eagle. I added the eagle for interest.

  3. Good Work Shelley! Love the feel of this piece!