Monday, 28 November 2011

More practice with watercolour

Today, much to my surprise, some friends gave me a fabulous amount of watercolour paper.
Thank you Nick & Elise!!!!!  
I had the afternoon at home and decided that it would be a good time to use some of this wonderful paper.

There are still some touch-up's to do before it goes to the framer.  
The size is about 28"x15".  

I am in two minds about it.  As a photo on the site it looks flat and lifeless.  It is better in real life but I will be thinking about those final touches - maybe I need a bird or two. 

Having sat here looking at it, I think that I will paint it again but go with a different colour choice.  It also needs deeper tones in the mid ground trees.  Now that the composition is sorted, it really is a matter of colour and tone.  It lacks that something special.  Things to think about...

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