Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Help! I need your ideas

I have run dry on ideas of what to paint so I've started asking the people around me for their ideas.

So far I have:

  • A jetty/water/boats
  • Fruit done with the pallet knife 

While I build these ideas into pictures I like to have new ideas floating around in my mind forming the next pictures...but there are none!  

We are not in this world alone, and each of us has the amazing capacity to help each other be more than we currently are.  

Will you "comment" your ideas here to help me build momentum?  


  1. Get out of your comfort zone and try a new media. How about a bird using lino,a stencil or a collage. Do some surfing on the net for ideas. You have lots on your blog. I was very taken by Helen Read's work on Brushstrokes. Maybe its time to stretch out your tent posts?

  2. Thanks Anne. I too love Helen Read's work and feel very inspired by it. Absolutely time to "stretch the tent poles"!

  3. What about...
    A selection of portraits, trying to catch people, a moment in time (an object or people passing), do a series on Shelly (things that reflect you, that capture you, self portraits), flowers.
    Work in the seasons. (yesterday I went to the Dandenongs, got a coffee and read in this incredible 'Sound of Music' setting, reading on the hill, and I was so inspired. I saw SUMMER in front of me- boys running around and playing, wind blowing gently moving dandelions and trees.

    I'll keep thinking. All so beautiful. Hugs.

  4. Seriously nice ideas. I hadn't thought about those things that represent "me". I tend not to even think about the images that represent who I am. I am usually very focused on technique. I did come across the challenge to paint an apple (or whatever) in just 20 strokes...I think I see some symbolism coming my way! Thanks Rach :)