Friday, 30 December 2011

Plein air painting

We packed up the kids, bathers and towels and headed down to the coast.  The day was overcast and not as hot as we imagined it would be but we all enjoyed the space and the beauty.

This is my first real go at plein air painting - where you take your paints outside and paint what is actually there.

I did okay with my Notan paintings.  These are quick paintings that identify the balance of warm and cool in your painting and are very small.

Choosing the first Notan, I did a tonal painting of it.
I found managing the paint more difficult as I was working with acrylics and they dried quickly, even with loads of retarder medium mixed in!   The colour piece was a challenge as the colours dried on the pallet and had to be remixed if I wanted to go back and dab at anything.  This really stops you from fussing way too much!  
I allowed different boats to come and go in the various pieces so that I can decide in the studio later what I want and where I want it to go.  It'll be interesting to see how I go with the oil final today.


  1. Well done Shelley! Glad you have launched out to something new! Taking risks is hard but rewarding. You have inspired me to have a go too now when I go to the Grampians later this month. What youve done looks great..fresh and I can see the waves rolling in. Interesting that Word for today encourages us to "launch out into the deep for a catch"..Luke 5:4. Praps thats for both of us..

  2. Hi Anne. I still plan on doing a final in the studio, I just haven't got there yet. The loveliest moment of the day: three little people who ooh-ed and ah-ed telling me which ones they liked the best. Enjoy your time in the Grampians. Shell