Sunday, 4 December 2011

A story I am working on: page 1 & 2

When God puts it on your heart to do something, 
you should just do it.

I wrote this story a couple of months ago and began illustrating it but then got discouraged.

Funny how much of an impact people's words can have on you.  When my friend suggested that my work was too illustrative and not painterly enough I really took it to heart.  So I redid the first four pages in a more painterly manner but they were all a disaster.  I did them again.  More disasters.

This morning it came to me:  This story needs an illustrative style.  It helps keep a lightness to the text, which does get a bit serious and sad.

Of course, I am out of the flow and need to find my rhythm again.  This is what is great about this site.  I have a place to commit myself to posting, and getting the book finished.  So I will post it in bits.  All of the illustrations are pen and wash, A4.


Page 1

Page 2

To be continued...

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