Saturday, 21 January 2012

A crazy quick painting, bit by bit

I set the parameters for the task: don't think, just paint.  Not going for realism, just impression.  Working from a vase full of roses I had just picked, strong light source from the top right corner.

1.  On an acrylic base of light red I painted in the general negative shading.

2.  Lay in the shadows of the flowers.

3.  Lay in mid tone and some highlights.

4.  Background in, with thought being given to the light source from the top right.

5.  Stalks in.

6.  Contrasting tones in (darkest and lightest).

Roses, Oil on canvas paper, A4
7.  Two final adjustments:  The rose closest to the light source was reduced in size, as was the vase.  If you compare the final two pictures you can see that the rose sits too far forward because it is too big.  The vase is simply out of proportion to the flowers.  That many flowers wouldn't sit like that in a huge vase.  Also, the very dark line is in the wrong place so it goes.

What did I learn?
I need to be careful to start thin and work toward being thick.  This would reduce the need for scraping back.  I also need to pay more attention to shadows and proportions.

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