Sunday, 15 January 2012

A painting that won't behave

I am grumpy with this painting, but I think I made progress with it today.  However, there is still work to do.  If you want to see the previous version (where I scraped out the foreground) go to Family Life with an Art Nutter Jan 14th.

Before I make any decisions about whether the people stay or go, I want to work on the tonal variation in the ocean, and the colour choice too (the sand should be showing through as the water meets the shore).  It is still too flat, as you can see in this black and white version of the piece.  Likewise the kites need to have highlights on them and perhaps the foreground could be deepened a bit at well (trickily with light colours, but not impossible).
At least the symmetry is better with the shape of the ocean and the shape of the beach creating a sense of balance.

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