Saturday, 7 January 2012

Progression of a painting PART 2

Step 1:  I began by mixing tonal variation of the different colours I intended to use and adding Raw Sienna to my pallet.  No matter how much I love my accidental wave, it had to go, and I also reworked the far hill.  I took took much time with this and fiddled around too much.  Something to avoid in the future.  I extend the foreground wave and add in some dead trees sticking out of the growth.

Step 2:  Straight away I see that the contrast in the far hills is too strong (taking photos is really helpful for that) and I work to fix it.  I also become more particular about the lines in the painting.  All of the dead trees point to the focal point (the far hill and the hills that disappear behind it).  So I lighten the sea to form another line taking the eye to the focal point.
I also tone down the far hills and begin to form the story. 

There are people in this remote place, and birds.  I begin to add in simple forms.  Finally the story is in my mind.  I am the bird looking down at where I live.  I live in community in this wild place, sometimes strangers arrive  and then leave again.  They hardly matter because they are overshadowed by the scale.

Things left to do:  place more birds, decide if my foreground figure is too small, remember to sign it!


  1. Glenn just told me I should keep an I on you. I said, 'yes, that one's trouble'. Giggle. Hugs. YOU INSPIRE ME SOOOO MUCH. I love reading your blog. It is fun, intersting and entertaining!!!!

  2. Naaww...a lot of this has come from feeling emotionally refreshed. Thank you so much!!! You really helped me to accept and embrace that being the chocolate on the cappuccino really is okay :D