Saturday, 28 January 2012

Prophetic words?!

In the car going to the movies I am sounding off about my art frustration and the slow progress and how I wish I was improving at a greater rate when I notice Hubby isn't driving as fast as he could.

"It's a 110 zone," I helpfully hint.

"No it isn't."  Hubby seems very confident.

"But we haven't gone past the servo yet," the place where the speed limit drops.

"Yes we have.  That was a good five minutes ago."

I have that freaky moment of suddenly realising that I am not where I think I am and I rush forward in a visual time warp labelling the passing scenery in it's new and correct context.  Hubby laughs.

"You are further down the road than you think you are."

And there it is.  The glimmer of hope.

Maybe, just maybe, I am further down the road than I think I am.  

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