Thursday, 15 March 2012

Beaminator gets a face lift

It has to happen.  A person turns 40, they get wrinkles and BAM! face-lift time!  No one escapes, not even the virtual face.  

So I am giving Beaminator a face-lift.  Boring is as boring does.  And lets face it, life has really side-swiped me this year, leaving no time for art making (excuse me while I wallow in my one person pity party...sigh...pass me the jelly beans).  My 10 year plan and goals for this year seem very much out of reach , and the only way to move forward is to blog it.

Momentarily interrupted by Twin 1 and Twin 2 snorting Smiggle erasers.  Apparently they smell nice (the erasers not the boys).  The Twins are 13, identical, and looking like Mike TV from Charlie and the Chocolate factory after he was stretched in the taffy puller.  Daughter, owner of the smelly Smiggle erasers,  is unaware of the snotty abuse.  It may well unravel tomorrow when she reads this...

Such is the fun of Family Life with an Art Nutter!

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