Monday, 26 March 2012

Still working the process

Okay, so I get home today and have another go at the paintings.

I use a bigger mop brush in order to stop myself overworking the detail and I hold the handle near the end.  Any mistake is actually just part of my "handwriting" and I mustn't be afraid to let my voice be heard.

Wind #1
I darkened the shadows and lifted some of the intense red.  Then I put a light yellow wash over the red to the right of the leaf.  Now I will think on the left side of the leaf (as opposed to the left side of my brain!).  The trick here is to know when to stop.  A little more is needed but not too much.  Watercolour likes to stay where you put it.  Recovering light paper is second to keeping it in the first place.

Done.  I really like how this has come up.  
This is the focal point leaf of the triad; the one that signals the difference between just falling off the tree and being caught by the wind, lifted to new life.  

Next challenge, mounting these bad boys on wooden frames.

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