Monday, 9 April 2012

Does God show-off?

Hiking to my favourite mountain the weather closed in.  Clouds formed before our eyes and swirled around us.  One moment bright sunlight, then next darkness.  We were a part of something much bigger than just water vapour and wind.  Was God showing-off for me?

No, something much more relational, and much less arrogant.  The God of this Universe so often seems to fit with our idea of Dumbledore, wise, but removed and ultimately powerless against death.  This God who makes clouds around us and sends wind to carry them into the sky, this God is dangerous.  This is a God not limited by human thinking, and not bound by death.  This is a God who doesn't need anything from any one of us, but who goes out of His way to engage us, to be in relationship with us, to pursue us.

He is the bad-boy your parents warned you against.  The black-sheep who upsets every family gathering.  The rebel who dares you to be just as rebellious.  
He's the One who takes delight in you, and gives you good gifts everyday, should you choose to notice.