Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Calming the frantic mind

The past couple of months have been doing my head in.  Seeing the surgeon today revealed Frankenfoot as the final dressing and strapping was taken off.  Still as yukky looking as ever, I found myself with an instant head-ache and the real threat that those cornflakes I had for lunch were going to make a second appearance.  Thankfully Paramedic Hubby stepped in, literally, so that I couldn't see the foot, held my hand and reassured me that things were actually very positive.  And he's right.  My foot/toes are straighter than I ever remember them being.

What I have learned is that bunion correction surgery is very painful, but more than that, I have learned that when I am stressed I over-think everything.  Great when intuition and problem solving is needed, not so great for everyday funs-ville life.

For us melancholy types tangling, or zentangle as it is officially known, is a great way to calm an over-active, aka crazy-lady, mind.  These following pattern ideas are not mine.  I just googled and found inspiration in the websites I came across.
There is something soothing about repetitive pattern, serendipity and an easily achievable task.  Tangling is accessible to all, no matter your confidence level.  And it always looks good.  Go to it!  

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