Saturday, 2 June 2012

Inspirations - learning from others

Just recently I attended a professional development session provided by my school and conducted by a talented artist, Anne Marks.

Amongst other things, she challenged me to think about what inspires me, and to do as they do.  So today, browsing an English magazine I came across an advertisement that used a pen and wash drawing.  I cut it out and stuck it into my folio.
I annotated the picture, noting the things that I really liked about it.  Then I redrew part of the picture just to get a feel for the use of line and tone, and for fun!

Next step was to use a source picture (another ad' from the same magazine!).  I sketched it for realism and tone.  Then I got out some watercolour paper and used pen and Inktense pencils.  After sticking the images into my folio I grabbed a .8 pen and roughly drew in the image as a wall paper.  

A closer look at the pen and wash.  Not quite as good as the Inspirations piece, but a person has to start somewhere!

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