Monday, 11 June 2012

Living deliberately

Spending a weekend away with some friends gave me the opportunity to complete the following tangle.  An exercise in relaxation, I felt my mind settle as I worked my way through the repeated pattern and predictable lines. 
Interestingly, as the piece progressed so did my thoughts about deliberate living.

It is so easy to be distracted by momentary things and find that time slips by unnoticed.  One of the problems of having a ten year plan with my art is how easy it is to lose focus.  And this year hasn't really progressed as I imagined it would. There just hasn't been the time or the inspiration for two competition entries each month, and I have found myself, at times, writing rather than painting.  However, the great thing about a final destination, the what, is that mid-way you can change the way there, the how.

This one piece has reminded me just how much I enjoy simply living, how important it is to repeat those things that work and change those things that don't, and that friends can help you remember who you are.

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  1. Just catching on your blogs. This is delightful Shelley! Anne