Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A time to be quiet...

I'd like to say that I "chose" to take a sabbatical from my blog but the truth is far more simple and far less noble.  Life has been challenging these past six months, and I just didn't feel like hanging out.

It has taken time to rebuild after a long cold, wet winter.  My motivation to create art has come and gone and come back again.  Even now, however, my standard of work feels like it's morphing into something new, with new ways of being inspired.  It requires risk taking and the ability to be okay with making mistakes.

Promised Land, Oil on MDF approximately 1 x 1.5m

This piece began as cerulean blue at the top of the board.  As I worked my way down the board the picture formed under the brush.  It was an exciting process that took my breath away at times.  I'm not entirely happy with the grapes in the foreground, but, as yet, I haven't felt like repainting them.  It feels like a new sort of painting for me as I didn't plan it, think much about it or follow a plan.  Instead I simply worked with the concept of "the promise of good things to come".

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