Thursday, 15 November 2012

Breaking the block

So a friend says to me "why don't you try painting how you feel?" and I think "nutter, what would a non-artist know?".  Apparently more than I think! And, hey, any idea is a good idea if it gets the paint on the canvas, right?

I go home and get out the oils, the turps and a pile of rags.  I ask myself "what colours do I love together?"  Answer:  all complimentary combinations, this time blue/orange.  And "how do I feel?"  Answer:  in a whirlwind.

(Unnamed) 36x48" Oil on deep canvas

The experience is very freeing.  I use a rag with diluted Ultramarine Blue and use big sweeping strokes.  The variation in tone is an indication of the dilution rather than a mixing of white with the paint.  I take the pallet knife and loaded only with white I scrape on the froth.  With orange on the pallet knife I lay in the daisies and the girl.  With a little blending I am finished. 

I am pleased with my work, my blue stained fingers and the block is broken.  For the time-being, anyway.

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