Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Happy little moments

Some things are just happy little moments in different wrapping.

So here is one wrapped in a song.  Owl City - The bird and the worm is a happy little tune with my favourite line of all time "With fronds like these who needs anemones?".

And another happily little moment exists in these two paintings.

Oil on canvas, approx. 1m x30cm.

This self-portrait (how I appear on the inside!) is how feeling happy looks to me.  We aren't always in this moment but it is there waiting to return, when the colour and conditions are right.

For me happiness and joy are one and the same: both a gift from God, both part of the foundation of being human, both to be enjoyed but not pursued for their own sake.

To pursue happiness is like trying to catch a butterfly, elusive and ever out of reach, damaged if we snatch at it. Instead we must allow the butterfly to come to us, enjoying its delicate features and intricate beauty.

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