Friday, 16 November 2012

She doesn't even know it's for her

What began as a "lets just splash some paint around and put emotion on the page" has become one of my favourite paintings, and a gift that the receiver doesn't know she's getting.

Inside 100x70cm (approx.) Watercolour on drawing paper

Using masking tape I randomly laid down some strips.  I didn't think about the strength of the paper, and this would be a problem later as I had to pick it off very, very carefully to stop the paper tearing.  Then I chose alizarin red and ultramarine blue (? My memory is a little fuzzy with that detail) and mixed up a couple of washes. Using clips I attached the paper to a board and began playing with paint.  Initially I didn't think about  a picture at all, but then it began to appear:  the rain on the window, the feeling that I was standing inside looking out, the storm rolling in (as viewed through the open panes in the top right corner).  Once the piece was dry I detailed the rain on the window and the window panes with pen.

And now, all that is left is to tell my friend that the painting is for her.  She's seen it.  She knows the full story.  She wrote the music that goes with the image.  Now to let her know...

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