Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas angels

I find myself occasionally saying yes when perhaps I should say no.  

So, here I am, procrastinating all week long over a painting I want to paint for the thing I said yes to when I should have said no, that doesn't have to have a painting but I want it to have one because that's what I do.  

It comes to crunch time when if I don't paint it now it won't be dry enough to hang before Hubby goes to work.  I do what all good artists do:  I google for ideas.  There in google images is a vibrant angel that I base my work on.

I get set up outside and chat to Hubby while I enjoy simply painting.  I use the tiny inspiration picture, repeat the one angel three times, and make it all very big!

The acrylic paint responds well to the retarder medium, painting with a 1inch flat brush.  The MDF, base coated with a warm cream (adding depth to the feel of the painting without any extra effort), takes the paint well.  All in all the process is relaxing and enjoyable.

Two and a bit hours later and nearly finished, I paint the faces and hair last, one shot and no "fixing".  These guys need to be imperfectly engaging.

Hubby, my "go-to guy', takes the painting to church to hang. 

It is to be the backdrop of the Nativity play.  I had grand plans for a big "reveal' moment when the Innkeeper is woken by a chorus of angels and takes the curtain from the window and tada! there are the angels.  One little issue of scale.  The star of the show, Daughter, isn't going to be able to reach the top of the "window".  I have visions of torn curtains and large pieces of artwork falling off the wall, and can the reveal idea. 

Instead, Daughter and all of the other children are wonderful.  The angels are happy and sing their praises beautifully.

And maybe, just maybe,  a yes that should have been a no was really better off being a yes.

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