Thursday, 13 December 2012

Worshipping God through art

It's one thing to take your time, plan a piece, slowly pull it together, fix mistakes as they's a whole other world to set yourself a time limit (1 hour) and make yourself a promise (no going back).  And to choose to focus on God and not yourself...

I get up early, make Hubby come with me, take my easel, a big board and my basket of paints etc around to my local church.  I wait outside while Hubby runs the gauntlet to turn the alarm off and switch on some lights.  Seems it's kind of dark inside even though the sun is up outside .

Hubby gets me settled and goes home to wake the kids and start breakfast.

I set up my limited pallet: titanium white, paynes grey and carbon black.  The picture has been on my mind for a few weeks and I have already decided that I won't wash my brush.  Beginning with white I gradually add paynes grey to build up the storm.  It feels odd to paint "up" the board as my normal habit is to begin at the top of the board and paint "down".

I play worship music on my phone and sing while I paint.  There is no one around and no neighbours. I sing loud, and paint fast.  No going back means not fussing with details but just giving over to the whole process.  It is invigorating and uplifting, and sobering at the same time.  As I use more paynes grey I become increasingly aware that there are many people who feel the way paynes grey looks: far away from hope.

Chosen 1m x 1.25m (Approx) Acrylic

But hope is not lost.  God promises to be there for us, closer than the shadow at our right hand.  He chooses us, all we have to do is accept.

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