Friday, 18 January 2013

The universal "What if..."

What if I understood that my most powerful tool for learning came in the form of the pictures I didn't like, the ones that were wrong or not good enough?  What if the path to freedom could only be found in those self-same pictures?  

What if those awful pictures are actually the stepping-stones through the distractions, through the worries, through the clutter that is in my head?  What if they are my yellow-brick road that will lead me to the Great Oz?  And what if Hubby and B1 and B2 are my Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion? 

Acting on this "what if" I took the time to make art...not very good art.  Embarrassingly so. Holding back judgment I just let it be and moved on to the next piece. 

Then something a little bit special happened.

Charlie's place, Oil on canvas, 30"x18"

Early in the piece I ditched the brush for a rag, adding and subtracting paint, using turps and allowing the canvas to participate in the piece. This is "watercolour" thinking where the paper plays the role of white. I took this blending as far as I could, and only then used the pallet knife and the brush to add details.  

One victory does not an Emerald City make. But I can move forward, with the support of my crew, and sing...

Follow, follow, follow, follow, 
follow the yellow-brick road

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