Thursday, 24 January 2013

Unfinished business

How often do I start things, get scared and then don't finish them?  All the while telling myself I've lost the flow, I've got better things to do, people to help, laundry to fold...

It often happens when I am getting close to that dramatic moment in the piece.  Innately, I sense the make or break moment and like a true avoider, distract myself.  

So, before Christmas, I start a large watercolour piece based on a calendar picture that was placed in my hand.  I begin with enthusiasm and love the way the piece is coming together, including an abstract moment of playfulness.  Then it comes to a screaming halt. I have the final details to put in and then decisions about how far to take the piece.

That's when - I was busy with Christmas, didn't feel like it, had a book to read, things to think about...

Realising what I had done, I made myself finish the piece.  But, in all honesty, the flow was gone, the spontaneity lost, the joy of the piece gone.  

I'm thinking of putting it on the wall as you walk down the stairs into the studio.  It's big and would be fun to tape onto the ceiling that you walk under.

And that way it will remind me.
Don't be afraid to finish.

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