Saturday, 23 February 2013

Bare foot living

To take your shoes off is to allow a certain degree of vulnerability.  The hole in your sock you forgot about is now visible.  Your quirky gag socks reveal your mischievous side.  And you cannot leave quickly, you have to put your shoes on.

It has been on my mind that to really live life includes living in a barefoot manner.  That mistake you wanted to forget about is now admitted.  You say the silly one-liner, revealing your fun side. And you cannot leave quickly, relationships need to be nurtured.

There is risk, being barefoot.  Toes get stood on, prickles are found, calluses are visible.  Risk, and reward.  The grass between your toes, round smooth river pebbles, sunshine on your skin.

My favourite shoes Inktense pencil on drawing paper A4

I set up my favourite shoes and initially sketched the picture with lead pencil.  Once I had the structure and shading I then used Inktense pencils to add colour.  With a small brush and water I went over the colour, creating a watercolour type of feel.  Then to add depth to the colour I waited until it was completely dry and then coloured over random areas.

Drawn back to this image, I continue to wonder over the symbolic nature of shoes.

As a result I have decided to "take my shoes off" more often.