Monday, 4 March 2013

What life feels like

This semester's Art class with the Year10s is a delightful place to be.

All of my students are "switched on" to art and willing to try new things.

So today I say to them "we are going to draw how things feel".

"Like, love?" they ask.

"Nope, like 'what does this table feel like?'"

They look at each other with eye-brows raised, and half smiles at my latest "let's try this!" .  We warm up with an introductory activity, drawing what an unseen object feels like, with our eyes closed.  

Then I demonstrate the start of the next activity: drawing our own face by feel, beginning with three minutes of eyes closed.  They giggle and titter over my self-portrait that wanders all over the page as I draw.  I show them that imperfection is beautiful,

and finish my picture with my eyes open, telling them that this is what life is like sometimes:  your head split open and your brains spilling everywhere, looking normal on the outside and undone on the inside.  They laugh with me as I enjoy seeing what life feels like.

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