Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Indecision: A book of indecisive drawings

I have always been a bit disappointed with the type of art making that I am most natural with: drawing.  It seems the least glamorous, the least beautiful, the least admirable type of art. 

But here's the thing:  What does it matter if drawing seems to be the least of all the arts?  In a moment of clarity, an epiphany you might say, it became clear to me that making art to please others just won't do.  In fact, doing anything just to please others just won't do. So I came up with a plan.

Draw.  Allow the process to take time.  Sit with an unfinished piece.  Take time to engage with the mark making.  

Drawing #1 River walk

And have fun.

I have named the sketch book Indecision: A book of indecisive drawings in order to simply draw whatever is before me, with no limitations.  Ultimately this book is about deliberately taking time for creativity, deliberately stopping the chatter, deliberately stepping into flow.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Forgotten lovelies

Looking through some old pictures I came across several small pieces, mere suggestions of pictures.  And in those suggestions are implanted the seeds of joy.

Actual size

In the washing blowing on the line are memories of little clothes slowing getting bigger and bigger to the point of being fully grown.  Happy/sad blown by the wind.

Actual size

On the ocean, moments of peace and beauty, while waiting for the wind to lift and propel the boat forward.

Maybe this post is really about the role of the wind in our lives, journeying with us, moving us onward...