Family life with an Art Nutter 2013

21st May

Happy wedding anniversary Hubby!!!!

Twin 1:  How long have you been married?
Me (smiling): 19 years
Twin 1 (currently 14):  What! You mean I could have been older?  I could have been 18 already?! 
Me: Well, you would have been if you had've hurried up and arrived when we wanted you to.
Twin 1: (sheepish grin)

26th April

Today I had a moment of clarity.  

Walking along it just came to me.  Just like that I suddenly understood the thing that had been puzzling me, the thing that had been creating turmoil with my emotions. Just like that I could see it.  And now I can't not see it.

So often you think you have it.  Two faces in the tree trunk, and then you look again and realise that there is a lot more to the whole thing!  

But isn't that life?

12th March

Just when you think no one is watching, no one is paying any attention you get this...

"Dad, I've been keeping tabs on your mistakes.  You've made four in the last few days."

It was said with such a straight face and earnestness that Hubby and I fell about laughing.  Only four?!  Obviously not watching closely enough!  

How observant are you?  When was the last time you noticed those wonderful moments that come and go in your day?  We can all tend toward those critical observances, but what about the positive?  

Like an amazing sky.

By myself, I stopped the car to snap this shot. Clouds in angel shapes left me feeling cared for, like there is Someone who notices everything about my day.  Four mistakes and all! 

3rd Feb 

The Twin-thing

I love being the mother of identical twins.  It is seriously fun, and they are great kids.  No, really, they are.  

I am regularly faced with a dilemma that I can't solve for them, and, unfortunately, will never be able to solve for them: The Twin-thing 

I view Twin 1 and Twin 2 as individuals.  I always have.  As a result I am surprised by those moments when I notice that they look similar, or when I notice that they have a common gesture or quirk.  I'm their mum, I see them as two different kids.  The kicker is that a large proportion of the world sees two boys who look the same, have similar interests, sound the same, and, without closer examination, appear to be the same person in two bodies. 

Twin 1 and Twin 2 in 1999!

The dilemma is this:  When there are two of you, same age, same parents, same home, same interests, same build, same face, when do you get a turn to sparkle?  Sure you sparkle as a unit but how would you like to be known by the chance of your birth?  And what if the things you were good at were the very same things that your identical was good at?  And what about those times when only one of you can be chosen?  Who misses out?  You are always sharing, always.  

I know.  Twins are special.  I get it. 

And I get the irony of calling them Twin 1 and Twin 2 on this blog when I view them as individuals (It's really a bit of an in joke as they debate over who is who!).  And I get the irony of dressing "individuals" in matching jackets (in the photo).  

Really this Family life is my mother-heart aware that being a twin adds a complication to the "growing-up" thing they are doing at the moment.  

Oh, by the way, my singleton is pretty darn special too!  

29th Jan

I promised Twin 1 that I would bag him on my blog for being mean to me.  Little problem:  I forget what he was mean about.  It really was only a few minutes ago, and now completely forgotten!  Rats :(  

Today I learned that our lives are made up of a series of moments, all lined up, one moment after another.  And so today, my first day back at school after the summer holidays, has been a dot-to-dot of moments.  The best moment being that one where I got to be a part of something special happening in the lives of other people.

There is something wonderful in taking the time to consider another person and seeing the very best them that can be.  And equally wonderful: when someone looks at us and sees the very best version of us that can be.  

And what did we use to find out these positive things?

This excellent tool, Strengthsfinder 2.o, gives you access to an on-line analysis of the way you naturally approach this world (your strengths) and then produces a personalised report that puts into words your top five strengths and how they work together.

Life affirming stuff.  You should do it.  Really.

23rd Jan 

I was all ready to write about the fun of reorganising the visual delights of the hanging space in my house and show off with this photo...

...and talk about paintings that had been in storage for two years that I had forgotten about,  but then Hubby told me this:

My favourite place in Victoria is on fire. 

Mt Feathertop and the Harrietville area are burning, thanks to a lightning strike and dry Australian bushfire conditions.  At the moment the fire is moving along the Razorback toward Mt Hotham, my favourite place to ski in the winter.
Mt Feathertop to Mt Hotham is approx' 10 km

Having walked the Razorback many times I can see that the fire still has about 8 or 9 kilometres to go before it gets to Mt Hotham, but who knows what the wind is like there at the moment.   Most depressing of all is that the site where we like to camp at Federation Hut has most probably been burned out.  

That puts paid to us going hiking there in the next month, and maybe even longer...

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