Family life...archived.

March 15th
Finally, a day of getting things right!

Just lately life has been like kayaking on the bay in the rain.  Wet underneath you, wet above you, wet through to the skin, and more rain on the way.
All the while you're furiously paddling as people from the shore critique your stroke.  You know you're not getting anywhere, and as you place the paddle into the water it is clear that you're doing it wrong.  That effective, but not perfect, stroke is gone.  You lose ground.  The wind and waves begin rock the boat. 
"I have evidence that shows you're not doing it right," shouts the voice from the shore. 
"How can I do it better?" You hear your desperation. 
"That's for you to decide."
The shore gets further away.

Today was a day of affirmation.  My stroke is just fine thank-you very much.  Now to work on ear plugs...

March 9th
Happy birthday to me for about a month ago!

It was the big four zero, and I am okay :P

It was full of ups and downs, and probably not the sort you might expect.  We had planned to climb a mountain on the day of my birthday but it wasn't to be.  A sweet childhood friend passed away and her funeral was the day before the hike.  I just didn't feel like going.

However, I felt loved and supported as my Bestie dropped in for a surprise visit bringing with her  lots of presents and balloons.  Such fun!

My wonderful MIL made dinner for me and the family.  My Mum and Hubby worked together to get me a little Hen House and three hens.  On the actual day we went to the movies, and I spent the day with my very favourite people: Hubby, Twin 1, Twin 2 and Daughter.  

The funniest thing is:  I kind of like being 40.  It's new and exciting.  I'm a grown up now...I think I like it.

Feb 24th
A whole two hours. By. My. Self.

Hubby is at work, Twin 1 and Twin 2 are at youth group, and Daughter is at a friend's house.  Life has been crazy mad this past month with no time to really make a lot of art.  Most of my time has been taken with writing units of work for my classes at school.  It just seems to never end, and yet here I am with a moment free.  

I was tempted to work, sooo tempted.

And then I remembered Daughter's recommendation for my evening. 

"Mum, put on some grown-up chick-flick and just enjoy the time."  

Random thing:  Just watched my lazy cat fall off the arm of the chair onto the couch and not register any change of location.  I think there is a lesson to be learned there...

Anyway whipped this up in 10 minutes during a class about Matisse and his paint/paper pieces.  It will make a nice label for displaying with my students' work.  They are so creative!

Feb 17th
Wow, how did it get to be almost three weeks since I last thought about life?

It's more that life has hit fast-forward now school is back and I am teaching full-time.  But it doesn't mean that there haven't been amazing moments of wonder.

Being a morning person I enjoy the quiet of the early hours and often see the sun rise.  Hubby  noticed the sky and captured this.

The other moment of wonder happened today while waiting for a train.  My two friends and I had been to a conference and were enjoying a few minutes of sitting in the sun before catching the train home.  A girl, thin, overtly dressed, obviously struggling with addiction approached us.  She gave a story and asked for money.  We all knew what she would use the money on.  We hesitated.  Then my friend did an amazing thing.

She took $10 from her purse and as she handed it to the girl she said "I know what you want to use this money for, so you haven't scammed us.  But I want you to know as you take this money that God loves you and has a plan for your life. He loves you very much..."

Hand on the money, the girl froze, eyes big and threatening tears.  She hesitated, not sure what to do, grappling with the concept that she was loveable.  She took the money and offered a handshake of thanks.  My friend, filled with compassion, ignored the hand, and took the girl into her arms.  A train rolled in and the girl moved to get on it, stopping in the doorway she seemed puzzled by what had just happened to her.

Wonder and awe filled my heart.  God had set up that moment, now it is up to the girl to respond. It won't be the last time she encounters God.  He has a plan for her life and isn't easily put off.

Feb 2nd
It's moments like these that help to make life full and fun and wonderful.

Now that I am back at work I have very little time for painting and it is tempting to steal from the family but the reality is that time doesn't stop and the kids will soon be grown.  I hate not painting, but painting will always be there.  

Moments like these won't.
I hope to paint again soon but in the meantime I will enjoy each moment that comes my way.

Jan 30th
Man am I wrecked!

I completely underestimated just how tiring it is to sit in meetings all day long as the school year gets going.  I found myself being one of those annoying fidgeting people who can only think about how long it is until they can stand up,tapping a foot and constantly shifting in my seat.  Timely reminder to be patient with students who can't sit still.

I anticipated that maybe, just maybe I might like to be creative when I get home.  But after getting caught in the rain picking up the kids, folding laundry, making dinner (with Daughter's help), tidying after dinner (with Twin 2's help.  Twin 1 had earlier emptied the dishwasher), going for our evening walk, making sushi (as promised for Daughter's lunch tomorrow) and finally sitting down, I thought "who can really be bothered?".  

Instead I went here (in my head).
Of course it will be summer when we visit.  But we walk in along the ridge from the bottom left corner, right to the far peak in the very middle (that is just touching a cloud).  And we have all agreed:  rain, hail or shine we are going.

Jan 29th
It's my friend's birthday today.  Happy birthday Nick :)

Yep, you know where this is going, don't you?  But this time is different.

In literally a couple of weeks I reach that milestone that I have been avoiding, that I have been stressing about.  But since I gave myself a serious talking to I have actually felt different.  I stopped focussing on myself and started thinking more about others, and allowing others to enjoy this time. 

I still don't really like my birthday but that is a yearly event that doesn't have much to do with the attached, if fluid, number and more to do with the unfortunate circumstances of my Parentals.  And a general dislike of the attention that comes with having a birthday.  My 21st birthday was an awesome party but one party is enough to see me through for a whole life-time.  I'm still feelin' the love.

Photo taken by Daughter the last time we were there, 2010.
Instead, we go to climb a mountain to celebrate.  When I am on this mountain I feel like I can kiss the face of God.  The air is crisp, the view beautiful, the climb achievable.  I am so looking forward to this.

Jan 28th
Dishwasher fail
You know how it goes.  I keep forgetting to put dishwasher detergent on the shopping list until I am completely out.  But the family keep using dishes and no one wants to wash them by hand.  

Creative genius to the rescue!  I develop a little theory:  maybe I am being hoodwinked by some business conglomerate, maybe that expensive dishwasher detergent is just tomfoolery and no different to normal dishwashing detergent.  

Out of desperation I test my theory.  First time works a charm.  Dishes come out cleaner than ever.  

So, more is better, right?
Apparently not!  

Still, undeterred, on third try I used a bit less and it work great again.  One day I will remember to buy the real stuff but for now I am loving these bubbles.

Got home and picked up Menzies for a "hello" cuddle.  Funny how my white/tan cat suddenly has a blue belly!  Hmmmm....
Daughter and I dash downstairs to check the chalk painting.  It is massive (a stretched single bed sheet) and knocked over.  It isn't really damaged and thankfully it is only a practice piece as I work up a performance piece. 

More likely, Menzies has explored my chalk pallet.
Viridian green and now cobalt blue!  Ah, the life of a studio cat...

Jan 26th
I think I must be the most un-Australian Australian in the country.  Yes, until yesterday I had completely forgotten that today is Australia Day.  And I only remembered because I tried to book in with my hairdresser and she said "oh we're not open"  to which I thought "that's nice, the boss is giving them the day off".  Then later that day actually at the hairdressers she says "So what are you doing for Australia Day?"  And I fake it like I remembered but am honest about the not doing anything special bit.

I end up spending the day giving the kitchen the once over.  It didn't start out that way but it soon began snowballing out of control. In order to put away the groceries I needed to make space in the pantry which necessitated  the container cupboard being tidied which required reorganising of the shelves above the stove.  
Phew!  Good thing you didn't drop in mid-afternoon!

PS It's easy to forget these things when you are on holidays and Hubby doesn't get public holidays off.

Jan 25th
We pack the kids off to Granny's and get ourselves tangled in road works on the way to St Kilda and my first concert in years.  I feel simultaneously old and young as no one seems to have heard of the opening act an awesome guy called Randy Stonehill, yet his music made up part of the soundtrack of my teen years.  I enjoy him anyway and have a total fan moment after the concert as Hubby and I gush telling him how much we love his music.  We just want to hug him and squeeze him and bring him home with us so we can listen to him live all the time.  

I enjoy Casting Crowns too and find myself noticing hands.  I notice the patterns of hands and how the two middle fingers are closer together than the first/second or fourth/pinky.  I notice how this is the case with everyone, including a child sitting in front of me.  I think about how beautiful hands are, and how expressive they are. I think about how a hand raised in worship adds to the act of worship like a bowed head adds to the act of prayer.  

The evening finishes getting to know friends better in a local coffee shop and walking along the St Kilda foreshore at midnight dipping our toes in the bay.
It is impossibly late when we get home and I am asleep before Hubby has even turned out the light remembering silhouetted hands and how lovely they are.

Jan 23rd
I put the alarm on for this morning, determined to get up early with Hubby for his 7am start.  On cue the alarm switches the radio on.  Hubby makes the effort to get out of bed and walk around to my bedside table to deal with the clock.  I am mildly surprised that he hasn't just asked me to hit the snooze button.

"Sure feels early," I mumble.

"That's because it's 1am," says Hubby but I am asleep again, enjoying the best pre-wake-up nap I've ever had.  

The best laid plans of mice and men...

Jan 22nd
Ever wondered just what is going on while I am spending all that time painting?  Well, when the kids aren't playing Rattman (see Jan 21st) they hang out in the studio with me, playing the piano or reading books...

Or playing with the kitties.

Jan 21st
Rattman is a game Twin 1 & 2 made up.  It goes a bit like this:  tip the trampoline on it's end, try to run up the vertical trampoline until your momentum tips it forward and it bangs to the ground, bouncing you on the way.   The thing is, they are getting so good at Rattman that they don't even really have to think about it.  Until today, that is.

Today they moved the trampoline up the hill and suddenly the game became more challenging. They had to engage on a different level.  Not only was the game harder but it became more satisfying when you won.

Practice is only so good but if you are doing the same things over and over you won't really improve yourself.  Challenged by the ramping up of Rattman, I too changed the rules for painting today.  

This time I...

  1. Used as little paint as possible.
  2. Rubbed a lot of it off with a rag.
  3. Deliberately didn't go over areas.  Done is done (I did, however, go back an rub out a line that was interfering with things).
  4. Keep the tones simple - just three.
  5. Allow the canvas to become part of the painting.

Ready to hike 12x10" Oil on canvas

Working from a photo of FIL, Twin 1 and Twin 2 on a hike we did when the Twins were 10, I came up with this.

Not bad...although, I think I see something I want to change...

Jan 20th
What was I thinking...
I should have turned the light out and gone to sleep at a reasonable hour instead of needing to know how he died.

I started reading the book Raising the Dead about a guy called David Shaw, a deep cave diver, who dies trying to bring back a body from great depth.  It's a really well written book so I was totally sucked-in.  Bed time arrived and they were just about to start THE dive.

I HAD to know what went wrong.  Hubby goes to sleep and I keep reading.  I am in the dark water in a deep black hole, diving down fast and resurfacing very slowly.  I have the bends and am freaked out by the thought of vomiting under water. And then he doesn't resurface, and the other guys is really sick, and it's all happening.

Then Spoiler Alert I am taken by complete surprise when two divers going down to bring up the last gas cylinders find the bodies.  Late at night I am completely freaked out by the desperate grapple that it takes to get the bodies out.  And then there is the description of the last minutes of David's life that were recorded on a camera he wore on his helmet, a camera that contributed to the simple mistake that led to his death. 
BTW You can't "click to look inside" as I just downloaded this 
image from the net to show you what the book looks like.

I finish the book, and it is dark and quiet, and I am still in the cave with a tragedy...and now I can't sleep for being so traumatised.  I distract myself by planning my chalk painting and finally fall asleep.  

All night I dream I am at the bottom of a water filled cave trying to cut a tangled line...

Jan 19th
Okay, so four hours on the turps might be a bit much!
Hubby has been chuckling over the double meaning of this saying since this afternoon when I suggested that perhaps I had a slight head-ache and that I might have over done the painting a bit.  For those of you who may not understand this saying (Is it peculiar to Australia?) we often refer to people who have drunk too much alcohol or who are alcoholic as being "on the turps".  That's because a desperate alcoholic may resort to drinking turpentine because it is cheap.

Of course, I use turps for dilution and cleaning purposes.  I make sure that the ventilation is good but more regular breaks are definitely in order.  That might help ensure that I actually do laundry and dishes (family is suffering from neglect ion again!).  I did manage to start dinner and then take an extra half hour to whip-up this cute little piece.

Dragonfly evening Oil on cotton canvas paper A4ish

So much to learn and grapple with.  Today has been a satisfying "holiday" type day where I spent lots of time painting, time reading, remembered to feed everyone lunch, and just enjoyed being.   

Jan 18th
I can't believe I cleaned!  
It all started when the Twins decided that they were going to move the PlayStation to the familyroom.  This excellent decision completed the transformation of the rumpus room into The Studio!  

But it highlighted a little issue that has been interfering with my creativity.  Mess.  Yes, true confessions, The Studio was in a mess, an unworkable mess.  I know artists are supposed to thrive in mess.  It's a sign that the creative juices are flowing!

Well, not for me.  I feel stressed when there are no places to put wet paintings, when there are too many things lying around and when there are old, rubbish pictures everywhere for anyone to see.  

I know!!!!  Impossibly tidy.  But will it last?  Probably not, but for now it is so awesome to work in that I think I might actually tackle that ocean that needs fixing.  And I see another One Hour Painting coming up!

Jan 17th
It is hot here today and I have spent much of the afternoon swinging in my hammock chair reading the book The Art of Being You (Bob Kilpatrick & Joel Kilpatrick, 2010, Zondervan).  

Amongst other things, It challenged me to think about how I view God.  I was really struck by this...

"What we sing about Santa, we really believe about God:
 He's making a list
and checking it twice
Gonna find out who's naughty and nice...

We believe...God is always counting, and there is surely more in the debit column than in the credit column of our lives.  Come judgement day we are going to be in a whole heap of trouble.
Yet God didn't solve us - he saved us.  We are his art....He redeemed us so he could remake us. " p30

I love this image that we are God's art, and that our lives are the pallet he has chosen to paint us, his masterpiece, with.  As an artist I often limit my pallet,  have purpose and love my paintings.  My desire with my art is that it will be beautiful, celebrated and reflect who I am as it's creator.  

Jan 16th
The Twins and I went shopping today, and it was so much fun!  

They helped me find the music I wanted, shared coffee and cakes, picked out a couple of books for Daughter, and were good fun to hang out with.  They kept me entertained all day with their stories.

They also helped me to get the last materials I needed for the chalk painting I am planning.  So while the Twins were helping me find black sheets, Hubby at home was buying the wood for the frame.  Tomorrow we should be able to stretch a black sheet to create a "canvas" to paint on.  And what will I use to paint?

Chalk!  Ordered especially from Eternity Arts in the US and patiently waiting for me to build the frame.  

Next step is to choreograph  the painting so that it can be done in 10ish minutes while music plays.  I have an image in mind.  Now I just need to practice it!  

PS My talking-to seems to have worked so far.

Jan 15th
Still wallowing in the mid-life blues
Mmmm...this really is going on too long.  It really is time I gave myself a good talking to.  So here goes...

"Stop sweating the small stuff.  Who cares how old you are, or how thin (or not), or how accomplished, or how beautiful, or how rich?.  
Most people want to be noticed, and you know how to do that.  
Most people want to be validated and appreciated.  You definitely know how to do that.  
So what is the problem?  
Most people have their own issues, their own paintings that won't behave, so stop the navel gazing and get in the game.

And start focusing on the good things."   

Like these guys.

And going shopping tomorrow with Twin 1 & Twin 2!  

Jan 14th 
Warts and All
I was tempted to gloss over the things that aren't going so well, ignoring the warts of life and pretending like it is all good.  Mostly it is all good but some days are harder than others.  Then there are days like today.

Wallowing in my mid-life crisis I have discovered that I can't decide what to do.  I don't want to have an affair, nor do I want to buy a motorbike, or have a boob job, or a facelift, or even botox.  This is going to be a very boring mid-life crisis if I can't find something to mark the event.  Then there's this...

I have half a painting waiting for me to finish...sigh...the ocean just didn't go in right so I went and scraped it off.  Now I have cold feet about how to move forward with it.  It's all because I said out loud that I was in a flow.  

Kites in St Kilda, 30x20" Oil (unfinished)
Tomorrow will be better.

PS Tippy wasn't quite so green today and his new mum was happy to have him.

Jan 13th
I'm in my studio lost in my painting.  I have three pallets on the go, one from yesterday that had a couple of colours on it I liked, plus a blob of unused viridian green.   Tippy (studio kitten #3 who is going to his new home tomorrow) is prowling around.  He's kind of interested in what I'm doing but looking a bit lost so I put him with my two napping kitties. 

The sea isn't going in very well and I am grappling with colour blending when WHAM!  Tippy jumps up from the floor onto my desk and right into the viridian green.  I grab him but it is too late.  In the passage of only 5 seconds I get viridian green all over my hands, my pants and kitten is turning green right before my eyes!

Viridian green is the colour of green food dye, and just as insidious.  So as I begin to wipe I realise that I am merely spreading it around.  Sigh...this little guy is going to his new home tomorrow, green! 

Hubby comes to rescue me and takes Tippy and the mild solvent and does his best.  Then Tippy has a nice warm soapy bath.  At which point he is feeling very sorry for himself.

Despite much careful wiping we just couldn't quite get the viridian off his face (solvents and little eyes don't really mix!). 

Now Tippy has a story...I just hope his new owner sees it that way!  

Jan 12th
BEST DAY EVA!!!!!!  Thanks best Hubby EVA!!!!

Hubby and I took Daughter to stay with Bestie today (thank you Bestie!) and then we went for a drive in the Dandenongs.  It was lovely and rainy.  Then we thought "lets go to our favourite book store in St Kilda".  So we did!  

We took a walk on St Kilda beach (the weather cleared)...

and watched the kites flying.

Hubby took lots of source shots and I feel inspired to paint.  

The day was topped-off with a trip to an art store, and quite a humorous evening watching Morgan Spurlock's The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (thanks POM!).

Jan 11th
Every studio needs a cat, and I have two!  And one of the important things about a studio cat is their ability to do things in an artistic way.  

I like to call this "A sleeping spiral".

And all good studio cats need to know how to strike a pose.

PS.  I know maths is not my strength but actually the third kitten is going to his new home at the end of the month and, technically, isn't ours anymore.

Jan 10th
Having survived the 11year old girls "sleeping" on the family room floor, I started my day as normal.  Well, mostly.

I go to tend to my cats and there is my little, somewhat loopy, cat hiding in the corner of the litter tray.  At first I think "She's sick, how thoughtful to throw-up in the litter tray".  Quickly dismiss this as the reality of the situation sinks in.

We upset her world by doing something different to what she expected.  It didn't matter that the event was fun, and relationship building, and a good thing to do.  What mattered was that just when there was an opportunity to grow, she chose to hide in her litter tray.

How often do we do this, choose to hide in our own dirt rather than take a risk?

Be brave today!

Jan 9th

Daughter has three friends over for a sleepless night of giggles and gossip, the Twins are on camp, Hubby is doing night shift and all I can think is: 

Am I cheating?

Well, first, let me just say…

Today when I was finishing my big painting (that so far remains unnamed) I mixed up various colours and tones and pretty much got a full pallet ready.  Then I used, oh I don’t know, maybe one quarter of a teaspoon of paint and suddenly the painting was finished, with heaps of paint left over.  Happy/sad moment.  Happy that it all came together, sad that I was going to waste paint.

Balancing on my favourite stool, I thought, “what can I paint with this odd assortment left over”  and then I remembered an online workshop that I’ve signed up for.  We are doing still life and have guidelines in place for the piece.  Then we submit it onto the site for possible feedback. 

One of the guidelines is that we do the piece onto a certain size under certain conditions with careful consideration of colour choice.  My pallet colours weren’t really the colours I would choose, and I kind-of worked from memory rather than the picture, and I kind-of did it with a pallet knife rather than a brush.

So, is it cheating to have had a little practice before actually doing it the way I'm supposed to? 

PS Hubby reminded me that it is exactly 30 days until THE day.

Jan 8th

What’s in a name? 

There has been much discussion between Twin 1 and Twin 2 about who is who on the blog, and why they don’t have names like Cool Twin and Doofy Twin (both suggested by the same boy). 

Twin 2, editing my work for embarrassing non-suitable content, chuckled out loud, twice.  “Mum, you could almost be a writer.”  “But I’m already published” I reply.  Okay, an educational article in Idiom (2011) an in-house publication by, and for, the Victorian Association for the Teaching of English (VATE).  But still, I maintain, “that counts”.

“No, Mum, a real writer.” 

Good thing I don’t call myself a writer, I might be licking my wounds in an attempt to recover from this compliment.  

I have, however, come to call myself an artist, but not all the time and not in people’s faces (this blog not included!).  It’s all about considering the person you are talking with and what you are talking about.  

They do interesting things too.

Jan 7th
Unfinished business...

We all have our share of things that follow us around, nagging for our attention, demanding that we give over brain-space.  I like to call them Twin 1, Twin 2 and Daughter!  Okay, seriously, haven't you got a project haunting you? did I!  Until this morning, that is.

I got this puzzle two years ago, about a week before I decided that I was going to give art my full attention.  Partially completed, we moved house, lost a piece and then I just gave up.  Every time I came across the puzzle I felt disappointed.  Crunch time came when family friends asked us around to help build their remote control car.  Yawn.  I took the opportunity to give this puzzle one last go, or throw the silly thing out!!! (Well, give to charity with "missing one piece" written on the box.)  And with the help of said friends, those not working on the car,..

999 pieces later and this is one bit of unfinished business that is no longer unfinished.

Now, what about that quilt, the shelves in the study, and the autobiography I started?

Bwahahaha...never gonna happen!  I'm letting those babies go.  

Jan 6th
Sometimes you just need to have fun to be inspired.  And that's just what we did!  
We took the hovercraft out to a local lake and chilled with some friends.  Everyone got to have a go and Hubby even took the time to give Daughter her first driving lesson.  Let's just say that they returned in one piece and lived to tell the tale!

Go and find something fun to do.  It renews your spirit and refreshes your creativity.  

Nike it!                aka Just do it

PS I don't feel so old today :)

Jan 5th
Okay, so I had crumbs all around my mouth and teeth caked in shortbread when, glancing from side to side and wide-eyed, I answered "No" to the question "Did you bite that piece?" as I offered a half  slice of shortbread to Twin 1. 

The entire family, Hubby, Twin 1, Twin 2 and Daughter, looked at each other, smirked and then fell about laughing.  And I sputtered crumbs over the table and laughed so much I teared-up.

Let's face it, there was never going to be a right answer to that question as what he was really asking was "Do you expect me to eat something you've had in your mouth?".   It really wasn't that long ago that he was physically grabbing half eaten things and happily chowing down on them. seems I must be as old as one of those turtles from Finding Nemo...150 years is it?  

I think they call this a mid-life pity-party...

Jan 4th
It's a sad day.  Hubby's friend Mike Williams passed away and his memorial service is today.  

I have never met Mike.  In fact, until he was diagnosed with a brain tumour I didn't even know he existed.  Yet he has impacted my life in a profound way.

When Hubby was a teenager Mike was studying medicine and lived with Hubby in the family home.  As is the way with someone who is that little bit older than you, Mike became a role model.  I wonder now if that is when the seed was sown that would later see Hubby become a paramedic.  What I do know is that this man I have never met helped to shape the man I love into the person he is, growing his faith in Christ.  For that I am very thankful.

It's okay to feel sad.  In fact, there would be something wrong with us if we didn't feel sad.  We love each other and miss each other when we aren't together.

My prayers are with Mike's family and friends.  You can read more about Mike here 'Remembered for his compassion' | News | NT News | Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia | ntnews.c

Jan 3rd
So, I go shopping with my Bestie.  We go to an art shop and my pulse quickens...They have deep stretch canvas on sale, serious sale.  Huge canvas 48"x48" for a bargain price.  I buy it and other oversized canvas.  I get the paint I actually went in to get, and, on impulse (remembering My Favourite Things and how I hate to be caught short), another disposable pallet.

The sales assistant casually says "Are you able to get this big canvas home?  What sort of a car do you drive?"

I dismiss her fears with "Toyota Corolla, but don't worry I can put the back seats down."  Ah...
Canvas FAIL

It seems that no amount of angle work, rearranging of seating or laughter can actually get a 48" square into a car whose widest opening is only 39ish".  Oops...

Jan 2nd
It has occurred to me today that this is THE year.  You know, THE year that you leave one decade and join another.  I am actually secretly pleased to have got my years right this time.  When I turned 37 I told everyone I was 38 and firmly believed it until my next birthday when I actually did the maths and turned 38 again!  

So why am I announcing this event to the whole world? 

Mid-life crisis...

and my need to make sure that everyone else is in crisis with me!  

So get your hero pose ready. This might require superhuman strength!

Jan 1st
No, not a New Year's resolution, just thinking that life as an artist is one crazy journey that everyone should go jump on the bus. Destination Artsville Nutter Town!

Unfamiliar with the phrase "Art Nutter"?  Well, basically it describes the crazy lady that I am, making art at all sorts of inconvenient times while trying to manage work and family life.  

You know you are spending too much time making art when...
there are spiderwebs in the children's shower because you have forgotten to insist that someone, anyone take the time to use some soap and clean themselves.  

Let's just say that my kids are now not as tanned as I thought they were!  

Enjoy your New Year!